UNH-IOL Supports Product Development with the Addition of NVMe/TCP Testing

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DURHAM, N.H., March 13, 2019 – The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry, today announced it has expanded testing capabilities for NVMe with the addition of a new NVMe™ over TCP (NVMe™/TCP) test services. The emergence of NVMe/TCP extends NVMe across the entire data center and utilizes simple and efficient TCP/IP fabric to provide high performance and reduced deployment costs.

NVMe/TCP is an important new transport type as it can be used on existing datacenter switches and has the potential to expand the deployment of  NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) due to its easier and lower-cost deployments. The early introduction of UNH-IOL’s NVMe/TCP test tool offers developers a means to ensure products meet specific industry requirements that will help advance broader adoption of the technology.

“Many key players are excited that NVMe/TCP will become an excellent tool for enabling disaggregated storage in cloud infrastructure.  We’re happy to be adding this new product class to our NVMe-oF Integrators List, which today includes Fibre Channel and RDMA solutions.” said David Woolf, UNH-IOL Senior Engineer, Datacenter Technologies. “The addition of TCP to our suite of NVMe protocol test tools represents an important step in proving the validity, robustness, and interoperability of NVMe/TCP products to the NVMe community.”

With hyperscale data centers and cloud providers supporting NVMe technology, UNH-IOL has responded quickly to industry needs for testing services that help streamline product development. A number of NVMe/TCP product announcements are anticipated in the coming year as enterprises explore NVMe-oF solutions that fit their specific needs and workloads.

“NVMe/TCP is a hot topic because it provides an NVMe-oF option that scales easily and works well in large scale environments,” said Cameron T Brett, NVM Express marketing co-chairperson and Director of Marketing, SSD and Storage Solutions, Toshiba Memory America, Inc. “Our collaborative work with UNH-IOL comes with a recognition that testing lays the foundation for a certification process that will help advance this technology to maximum benefit for the industry as a whole.” 

To learn more about the UNH-IOL’s NVMe Testing Services please visit the NVMe Testing Services page. To join a testing service and learn more about the NVMe Integrators List, please visit the UNH-IOL Request a Quote page.

The UNH-IOL is hosting the NVMe-oF Plugfest in June 2019 and details can be found on the Upcoming Events page.