MIPI Testing Service

Our MIPI Testing Service offers Conformance testing for MIPI Cameras, Displays, Panels and Image Sensors and we are also an approved independent test lab for MIPI Alliance members.

As an independent test lab, we have the ability to test any MIPI Alliance members’ mobile devices for conformance to MIPI specifications.

Physical Layer

  • D-PHY Receiver/Transmitter Conformance Testing
  • D-PHY S-Parameter Receiver Conformance Testing
  • C-PHY Transmitter Conformance Testing
  • C-PHY S-Parameter Transmitter Conformance Testing


CPHYGUI Software

IOL CPHYGUI is a software tool which works in conjunction with common high speed digital storage oscilloscopes for performing C-PHY protocol analysis and physical layer testing, ensuring that a C-PHY transmitter device adheres to the requirements of the C-PHY specification. C-PHY is an interface standard available from MIPI for use in certain mobile and beyond mobile devices.

The full version of this tool only available to companies with an active membership in the MIPI Testing Service (either a full membership or a support-only membership). Please review and accept the demo agreement to access a 30 day trial of the CPHYGUI software.

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