TSN/PTP Partner Test Tools

The following test and measurement tools are available for members within our IEEE 1588/PTP, Avnu, and TSN Testing services. We would like to thank all of our partner companies for allowing members the opportunity to test against their products in one lab. If you have additional testing needs please contact us today.

T&M Partner Test Tools

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Calnex Paragon-X

The Calnex Paragon-X provides testing gPTP (generic Precision Time Protocol) also known as IEEE 802.1AS. The Paragon-X:

  • Provides one-box testing for gPTP-defined Time-Aware systems – End Stations and Relays(Bridges).
  • Allows complete testing of gPTP Correction Field, Neighbor Rate ratio and CSRO (Cumulative Scaled Rate Offset).
  • Can use integrated packet impairments to verify gPTP performance in the presence of network impairments such as delay, PDV or dropped packets.
  • In addition to detailed gPTP/802.1AS testing, the Paragon-X also supports the following profiles: IEEE1588-2008, G.8265.1 (Frequency), G.8275.1 (Phase), C37.238-2011 (Power), and Customer-defined profiles.
  • Contact Calnex for additional information

The Paragon-X is also available for use by UNH-IOL IEEE 1588/PTP Test Service Members




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Avnu Certification testing at UNH-IOL has been further enhanced with the support of Ixia and their AVB capable solutions.  Specifically, the NOVUS 10/1 5-Speed Ethernet Load Module.  Customers with this module, or compatible modules (eg: the older 3-Speed ELM) can make use of Violett Automation for shaper testing, if properly licensed.

For additional information please refer to https://www.ixiacom.com/resources/testing-audio-video-bridging-avb-and-time-sensitive-networking-tsn

Contact Assistance: Oregano Systems

Oregano NIC

Oregano Systems syn1588® PCIe NIC

  • The UNH-IOL Violett™ Avnu Edition for gPTP currently requires the Oregano Systems syn1588® PCIe NIC.
  • 2x syn1588® PCIe NICs are required for the 12 Bridge-specific tests.
  • 1x syn1588® PCIe NIC is required for End Station testing 
  • NOTE: Only v2.0 and newer cards are supported.

For additional Information:

  1. This application note describes all available options briefly as well as the related ordering code for ordering the syn1588® PCIe NIC: Ordering syn1588® PCIe NIC
  2. Contact Oregano Systems for additional information and sales
  3. For purchases in your country one can directly contact Oregano Systems Distributors
  4. Please indicate to Oregano Systems or their Distributor that your purchase is connected to your and their work with UNH-IOL.

Contact Assistance: Spirent

Spirent TestCenter (STC)

Avnu Certification testing at UNH-IOL has utilized STC solutions in enhancing layer 1 and AVB testing.

For additional information please refer to the Spirent AVB/TSN Solutions Datasheet & Spirent Automotive C50 Datasheet. The Spirent test platforms such as the C50 (with 100BASE-T1 native interface) improve Automotive capabilities for certification testing completed by the UNH IOL and for in-house testing. Spirent also offers conformance solution that follows Avnu test specifications. The performance AVB test solution is supported across all STC platforms covering 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G/40G and 100G.