Pilot Program for IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Testing

Equipment providers following the recent IEC 61850-9-3 and/or IEEE C37.238 Power Profiles are invited to participate in the UNH-IOL Pilot Program for IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification.  

This effort is in cooperation with the IEEE-SA's ICAP Power Profile Certification Program, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  


Registration for the UNH-IOL Pilot Program is Still Open.  If interested and not in discussions, please contact us soon, as the number of participating devices in the Pilot Program is limited.  Email ptplab@iol.unh.edu


Interested in reviewing the Test Suite Specification (TSS) developed in part with funding from NIST and support from the iEEE-SA ICAP?  

IEEE 1588 Power Profile TSS Located Here.


No membership is required to participate in the Pilot Program.  


Power Profile Certification Pilot Program Coverage and Requirements

Membership Status Program Details  Fee

No Membership Required

Access: Provides 3 months of early-access testing for your product against the jointly developed Test Suite Specification (TSS).

Coverage: Participation guarantees that each test in the TSS will be performed at least once on the participating product.  This may result in changes to the TSS test as necessary and re-testing. 

Details: Participants will get results daily and can provide firmware updates throughout the Pilot Program.  With new firmware, best effort will be made to provide retesting of previously tested TSS items.

PATH TO CERTIFICATION: IF all tests pass for a device at the end of the pilot program, then the IEEE-SA should accept the device for as certified (membership in the IEEE-SA Power Profile certification group is required in this case, see below)

$6,000 - $9,000 USD per device class (contact us for more options and details)


Test Service Member

As above.  UNH-IOL PTP Test Service members choosing to participate in the Pilot Program are restricted from scheduling other services during the period of the Pilot Program.

$0 USD

(1 product covered by membership fee)


IEEE 1588 Power Profile

Certification Program

Membership in the IEEE-SA program is not required to participate in the Pilot Program.

To become IEEE-SA Certified, the IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Program does assess a fee.

Refer to this link for more information.

Refer to the IEEE-SA page



Please Contact Us with interest and questions for further details