DPDK Community CI Lab

The Linux Foundation's DPDK Project Member companies have established a Community CI Lab hosted here at the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL).

The lab runs a series of compile, unit, functional, and performance tests on all source code patches submitted to the DPDK project.  The output of the performance lab is provided through the lab's dashboard, as well as providing feedback directly to the open source developers through DPDK's patchwork system.

The below graphic illustrates the terminology used to describe the different types of testing used within the DPDK CI efforts.

  • Compile Testing: “does it build” smoke testing, using different base operating systems and compilers
  • Unit Testing: provided directly within the DPDK source code tree and maintained by the DPDK developer community, verifying core functionality, without requirements for specific PMD hardware. 
  • Functional Testing: Verification of key features and operations of the DPDK stack, when using specific PMD hardware, using actual network traffic.
  • Performance Testing: Benchmark testing of specific PMD hardware when forwarding real network traffic to ensure no regressions or loss of performance occurs as code development implements new features.

Participation is open to any DPDK gold member company able to provide hardware supporting the DPDK framework. To have your hardware included in the lab, please Contact Us today.

Refer to the DPDK Project webpage for additional information.

To join the DPDK Project, please refer to the DPDK join webpage.