802.1 Ethernet Switching Protocols (ESP) Testing Services

Whether your device is designed for the Enterprise or the Data Center, if it lives in the Cloud, supports Big Data or provides security, Ethernet Switching Protocols Testing Services can help prove your implementations are viable. With membership you gain access to many conformance and interoperability test suites and competitive products to test against. We also continue to be the go-to lab for 802.1 family of protocols.

Access to Test Software:

Full members of our ESP testing services will receive 2 seats of the vIOLett 802.1 edition testing software with their membership. More details and licensing information can be found here.

Full Member Services include:

  • 802.1 Test Software
  • Spanning Tree
  • Data Center Bridging protocols
  • Data Center Fabric protocols
  • Enterprise Security protocols
  • Layer 2 Endpoint technologies
  • For switching and End Point devices (HBA/CNA)

End Point Member Service include:

  • Testing of 802.1 test suites for End Point devices (HBA/CNA)

Like all UNH-IOL testing services, ESP is a collaborative test program that brings together industry leaders in Ethernet Switching related technologies to foster quality, interoperable switching systems.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Full Member $27,000
Endpoint Tier $18,000

Please view our Pay Per Test options as well.

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Ethernet Switching Protocols Contact

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