Power over Ethernet Testing Services

We are the exclusive 3rd party test house for the Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification Program and offer auditing services allowing companies to certify their devices in-house. Additionally we offer a wide range of test plans for detailed investigation of PSEs and PDs including Interoperability for 1, 2, and 4 pair products.

The Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification program allows companies to differentiate their products with a Logo and website listing showing conformance to the IEEE 802.3 PoE standards. PoE certification testing is open to both Ethernet Alliance members and non-members. 

Testing Options:

  • Full Membership
    • Includes testing to the certification program and all of the UNH-IOL test plans.
    • Includes authorized test lab auditing for Ethernet Alliance members
  • Ethernet Alliance Authorized Test Lab Auditing Service
    • Lower cost option for companies taking advantage of their own in-house test labs
    • Only available to Ethernet Alliance members

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Full Member $20,000.00
EA PoE Certification 1st Party Audit Membership $9,000.00
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