Nebula Award Winners

The Nebula Award recognizes teams of employees for their accomplishments. The team demonstrates hard work and determination for a particular project or task which could include development sprint team or a team established to complete a short term project.

The Nebula award is awarded twice each year during; the Summer and Winter. The winning team receives a cash bonus that is split evenly between team members. This is a great way to award teams and student employees for going above and beyond the call of duty within their testing groups.

Congratulations to our award recipients!

Winter 2021: DPDK Team 

The DPDK Team did an amazing job over 2021, meeting the challenge of ongoing development, while also maintaining the DPDK community’s CI testing production environment. Over the course of the year, the team focused on 9 development epics, spanning some 31+ development stories. The team completed more than 80% of the stories, while keeping up with interim requests from the community, resulting in an increase of available tests running in the CI by nearly 300%. Every team member has worked directly with the larger open source community, contributing code patches to the upstream projects and demonstrating strong leadership in the community meetings and working groups. The end result being the continued development, improvement, and expansion of the CI testing for the DPDK project, with the UNH-IOL infrastructure providing more than 85% percent of all test coverage for the project. The team is made up of Brandon Lo, Owen Hilyard and Henry Nadeau.


Summer 2021: IP Packages Team 

The INTACT Packages team--consisting of Alan Lagace, Liam Cate, Mason McDonald, Tim Clocksin, and Skyler Baumer--is a highly  successful and integral development team to IP. The Packages team develops testing scripts for INTACT that majorly contribute to IP's strategic goals. The team is able to pivot completely to new test plans and projects with grace and efficiency. With the new revision of the USGv6 profile published, the Packages team has been working diligently to develop new versions of the scripts for several different protocols and test plans, including IPsec, NPP, OSPFv3, and BGP. The members of the Packages team communicate extremely well amongst each other and are always eager to share their knowledge and expertise. The members of Packages are certainly well deserving of this award due to their impressive work, communication, and overall efficiency.


Previous Recipients


  • Viavi Team: Aurora Desmarais, Kevin Rhoades, William Lee, and Liqi Li
  • USP Team: Alan Lagace and Ben Patton


  • PoE Team: Marc Tausanovitch, Joe Lagasse, Tim Ryan, and Matt Dodge
  • OPNFV Team: Parker Berberian and Sawyer Bergeron