Nebula Award Winners

The Nebula Award recognizes teams of employees for their accomplishments. The team demonstrates hard work and determination for a particular project or task which could include development sprint team or a team established to complete a short term project.

The Nebula award is awarded twice each year during; the Summer and Winter. The winning team receives a cash bonus that is split evenly between team members. This is a great way to award teams and student employees for going above and beyond the call of duty within their testing groups.

Congratulations to our award recipients!

Winter 2023: Datacenter OCP Team

Dilan Patel and Ronan Marino are the UNH-IOL Nebula Award winners for January 2023 for the OCP NVMe Project.. The OCP NVMe Project is a new effort in the Datacenter Industry of the UNH-IOL and have teamed up with SANBlaze to use their DT-4 test system in order to develop and test new use cases for the OCP NVMe test offerings. Dilan and Ronan have been working for the last 4 months developing 20+ OCP NVMe test cases for this effort and have done an exceptional job in developing, testing, documenting and representing the UNH-IOL. Great Job Guys and keep up the great work!

Previous Recipients


  • Datacenter NVMe Team: Dilan Patel and Ronan Marino


  • DPDK Team: Brandon Lo, Owen Hilyard and Henry Nadeau
  • IP Packages Team: Skyler Baumer, Tim Clocksin, Liam Cate, Alan Lagace, Mason McDonald


  • Viavi Team: Aurora Desmarais, Kevin Rhoades, William Lee, and Liqi Li
  • USP Team: Alan Lagace and Ben Patton


  • PoE Team: Marc Tausanovitch, Joe Lagasse, Tim Ryan, and Matt Dodge
  • OPNFV Team: Parker Berberian and Sawyer Bergeron