Nebula Award Winners

The Nebula Award, a prestigious recognition, is bestowed upon teams of employees who have achieved remarkable feats through their unwavering dedication and perseverance. This esteemed award is a testament to the exceptional efforts of teams that have demonstrated outstanding performance on a specific project or task. 

Each team, including our student employees, is being rewarded with a cash bonus. This is our heartfelt way of expressing gratitude for their exceptional efforts that have surpassed their day-to-day responsibilities. The Nebula Award serves as a beacon, illuminating the value we place on collaboration and teamwork at the lab.

Congratulations to our award recipients!

Winter 2023: DPDK Team


The DPDK team has impressed everyone with their exceptional work this year. Within just a few months, they have restructured the fundamental aspects of our internal infrastructure and automation software to enhance reliability. Several members of the community have acknowledged the improvements in our testing service and expressed their gratitude. Additionally, the team members have demonstrated great initiative by extending the scope of their work and making frequent contributions to the open-source software repositories related to our work in DPDK Testing, such as the DPDK-CI and DPDK Test Suite projects. It is noteworthy that their work has been widely accepted by developers from various companies in this field. Congratulations to the DPDK Team for an outstanding performance in the year 2023.

Summer 2023: NVMe FDP Team

This team of individuals drove an impressive development process from start to finish. They thoroughly examined the TPs and available documentation to develop an effective test plan. The group quickly mastered the ability to write tests according to the specifications and achieved a fully functional release by the scheduled proof of concept deadline. They tailored and created quality additions to the Interact tool for easy support and extension. For their dedication, tireless effort, and exceptional work, this team deserves the Nebula Award. 

Previous Recipients


  • Datacenter OCP Team: Dillan Patel and Ronan Marino
  • Datacenter NVMe Team: Adam Judge, Pat Doherty, Brendan Murphy, Ntwali Karibushi, Casey Gladu, Noah Wilder, Dilan Patel, Robert Buckless, Timofei Nikshych, Ronan Marino, Hasan Polat, William Saulnier, Michael Crawly, Oliver Willis, Morgan Kahn