Hosted Resources

Hosted Resources for the Open Source Communities

We help create a lab environment to meet your goals

Using our collaborative approach, our lab supports your users and developers from around the world. Helping communities understand what their lab needs are, and then hosting those resources in a neutral, real-world lab environment. Hosting your project at the UNH-IOL will give you and your community access to bare metal hardware, virtual environments, and in-house networking resources, as well as support for your open source community, project, and goals.

We currently provide dedicated hardware hosting, resources, and Lab as a Service, for major open source communities, including: Anuket, ONAP, LF Edge, DPDK, and OFA. Combined, this represents a total of around 100 systems, containing 2548 x86_64 CPU cores, 2032 aarch64 cores, more than 32 TB of RAM (yes RAM), and 283 TB of storage. These systems are networked with combinations 10, 25, and 100 GB Ethernet, using both traditional and whitebox switches, depending on the project community’s needs.  

With each project, we view the UNH-IOL as a member of the community, with our teams joining in project meetings, planning, and support, and will provide you services for every stage of your project including design, development, testing, and resource hosting. Our goal is to maintain levels of flexibility and project participation you would not see from traditional collocation or virtual resource hosts.

To learn more about hosting resources at the UNH-IOL and to see how we can help you meet your open source goals, please Contact Us today.