Automotive Ethernet Testing Services

The adoption of Ethernet standards in automobiles will allow car manufacturers to reduce costs and increase bandwidth through cost-effective components and fewer cabling. We offer a wide range of extensively detailed test suites designed for your Automotive Ethernet Devices including Automotive Development Platforms, Bridges, HeadNode, Sensors and Infotainment Systems. We are also an OPEN Alliance approved test laboratory

Testing Services Include:

PHY Conformance:

  • Multigig-T1: In development PMA
  • 1000BASE-T1 PMA; in development: PCS, PHY Control
  • 100BASE-T1 PMA, PCS, PHY Control
  • 10BASE-T1L PMA; in development: PCS, PHY Control, Cl98 Auto-Negotiation
  • 10BASE-T1S: In development: PMA, PCS, Cl98 Auto-Negotiation, PLCA/MAC testing


  • 1000BASE-T1 UNH-IOL Interoperability testing
  • 100BASE-T1 UNH-IOL Interoperability testing
  • 10BASE-T1L UNH-IOL Interoperability testing

OPEN Alliance Testing:

  • TC2 & TC9 Cable Testing
  • TC1 PMA, PCS, PHY Control
  • TC10 Sleep/Wake-up for 100BASE-T1 PHY Conformance

Membership Options Include:

10BASE-T1S Single Pair Ethernet Test Service:

  • Supporting development of: 10BASE-T1S PMA, PCS, Cl98 Auto-Negotiation and PLCA/MAC testing.
  • 10BASE-T1S UNH-IOL Interoperability Test

10BASE-T1L Single Pair Ethernet Test Service:

  • 10BASE-T1L PMA, and supporting development of PCS, PHY Control, and Cl98 Auto-Negotiation testing.
  • 10BASE-T1L UNH-IOL Interoperability Test

100BASE-T1 Single Pair Ethernet Test Service:

  • 100BASE-T1 PMA, PCS, PHY Control, OPEN Sleep/Wake-up
  • 100BASE-T1 UNH-IOL Interoperability Test
  • OPEN TC9 Cable Testing

1000BASE-T1 Single Pair Ethernet Test Service:

  • 1000BASE-T1 PMA, and supporting development of PCS, PHY Control
  • OPEN TC9 Cable Testing

We have several testing groups that are directly related to Automotive Ethernet testing including IEEE 1588, Avnu Automotive Certification testing and our Automotive Networking Test Services. Interested companies are encouraged to become members in these groups as well to ensure maximal coverage for Automotive devices.

All of our memberships include debugging and re-testing as well as testing for more than one device. Memberships are billed as a one-time fee that includes 12 months of testing. 

Please contact us to help guide you to the best solution for your need!

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