Automotive Ethernet Testing Services

Automotive Ethernet Testing Services

The adoption of Ethernet standards in automobiles will allow car manufacturers to reduce costs and increase bandwidth through cost-effective components and fewer cables; thus they are now able to enhance features and increase customer satisfaction and quality.

We offer a wide range of extensively detailed test suites designed for your Automotive Ethernet Devices. Covering Electrical Signaling (PMA), PCS, PHY Control, MAC, and Interoperability testing for:

  • Automotive Development Platforms
  • Switches/Car Master Boxes
  • Sensors
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Port types including:
    • BroadR-Reach
    • 1000BASE-T1 (coming soon)
    • 100BASE-T1 (coming soon)

"Supercharged Ethernet Testing"

  • The UNH-IOL has several consortia that are directly related to Automotive Ethernet testing including: IEEE 1588 and AVnu. Interested companies are encouraged to become members in these groups as well to ensure maximal coverage for Automotive devices.

The OPEN Alliance has endorsed the UNH-IOL as the first test laboratory for conformance and interoperability testing of Automotive Ethernet. 

Like all UNH-IOL consortia, the Automotive Ethernet Consortium is a collaborative test program that brings together industry leaders to foster quality, interoperable systems.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Full Member $24,000
Curtis Donahue
Automotive Ethernet Consortium Manager

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