Avnu Certification Process

The UNH-IOL is the only laboratory offering certification testing designed specifically for the Avnu Alliance Certification Program.

The test program developed with the Avnu Alliance provides proof of compliance to current industry standards for Avnu network products. It is meant as a strategic planning guide for those seeking to deploy Avnu products to help ensure the completeness, correctness, interoperability and security so as to protect investments in the technology. Please click on the Avnu Alliance Certified Device List to view a complete product registry of devices.

Avnu Certified Product List

The Avnu Alliance Certification Logo Qualifying Policy is intended as a high-level guide to the Avnu Alliance certification logo program and will serve as a framework for understanding the Certification Logo Program’s terminology, processes and rules. A companion document to the Policy is the Avnu Certification Flow Chart which gives a high-level, flowchart view of the certification process.

The following document outlines the IOL's role in the Avnu Alliance Certification process without requiring an Avnu Alliance membership:

IOL Avnu Certification Process

The specific test procedures executed are dependent on the feature availability of the device under test. For a specific list of procedures that will be performed on your device, please refer to the list of test plans from the Avnu Alliance

Get Started

Testing with the UNH-IOL is simple and easy for Avnu Alliance members. After obtaining a membership or commission for a one-time test, ship us your device and schedule the desired testing. Testing will begin during the scheduled time slot, and periodic updates will be sent alerting you of both progress and any issues discovered.

After the testing is complete, we will issue an official third party report. This report can be used to show Avnu Alliance compliance. If failures are found, members may retest at anytime throughout the year to verify the problem has been resolved. Non-members may commission an additional one-time test.