• DSL Panel
    Our collection of DSL equipment is unmatched
  • Azimuth Tester
    Our lab has state of the art test equipment
  • ANEG Python Board
    Python Board for Testing Ethernet Autonegotiation
  • Testing Power Sourcing Equipment
    Power over Ethernet PSE Testing Station
  • Wireless Chamber
    Wireless Interoperability Test Bed


Each of the UNH-IOL's testing programs, called "consortiums", represents a collaboration of the industry leaders in network equipment, test equipment, industry forums and service providers to benefit each other. By bringing together the key players of networking technologies, the UNH-IOL provides services to industry that are critical to driving multi-vendor interoperability


The UNH-IOL uses a collaborative testing model to distribute the cost of performing trusted, third-party testing and validation through an annual membership in each technology specific consortium.


A UNH-IOL report is recognized throughout the data communication and storage industry as evidence of interoperability and conformance to technical standards providing a higher level of confidence to customers.