NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™)

We offer conformance and interop testing for NVMe-oF™ solutions. Our testing services allow companies to test and ensure interoperability between the components for building an NVMe-oF solution, including All Flash Arrays (AFAs), NVMe-oF Software Solutions, Flash drive enclosures, host bus adapters (HBA), switches, and NVMe-oF NVM Subsystems.

NVMe/TCP extends NVMe across the entire datacenter and utilizes simple and efficient TCP/IP fabric to provide high performance and reduced deployment costs for storage appliance, drive enclosure manufacturers, switch vendors, and end-users.

Testing for various NVMe over Fabrics transports is available, including NVMe/TCP, NVMe/iWARP, NVMe/RoCE, and NVMe/FC.

NVMe over Fabrics Test services Include:

  • NVMe-oF™ Conformance testing using the IOL INTERACT™ PC Edition software
  • NVMe-oF Interoperability testing
  • Ability to list passing products on the NVMe-oF Integrator's List
  • Access to Plugfest Events

All of our memberships include debugging and re-testing as well as testing services.


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