IOL INTACT® Support Center

What is the IOL Support Center?

The IOL Support Portal is used as an online help desk used for IOL INTACT® software tool support queries. 

All licensed users have access to the support center and you must request login information here. Initial users may request to grant access to additional users within their organization.

Request Login


Accessing the IOL Support Center

IOL INTACT Support Center

Using the Support Center

Once you have access and are logged in, you can view requests you’ve created for IOL INTACT as well as requests that have been shared with you by clicking Requests in the top right.

There is also a search bar where you can search for knowledge base articles, support projects, and submit requests. 

Support Portals

Support portals are interfaces to submit requests or search knowledge base articles for a single support project.

To search within the IOL INTACT portal, click the magnifying glass in the top right of the page to open the search bar. You may also group request types within the portal (e.g. Technical Support vs Admin Support) to increase the intuitiveness of which request types are applicable to your given query.

Submit a Request 

To submit a request, find the request type (e.g. Technical Support, Report a Bug, etc.), fill in the necessary fields, and click Send. This will automatically create a new request in the system and IOL team members will communicate with you on that request. You will also receive an email confirming that the request was received properly.

Requests are viewable by UNH-IOL personnel and, at the option of the user, others from their organization who have been specifically authorized. 


IOL INTACT® Software Support Guidelines
  • The UNH-IOL’s response time to acknowledge receipt of any new request or responses to existing requests, will be within 5 business days (M-F 9am-5pm ET), excluding weekends, holidays, and other closings. IOL will make every effort to announce expected closings in advance in the support center.
  • The IOL will continue to provide updates at regular intervals while the request remains unresolved, at the rate of, not less than, 1 update per 5 business days.
  • Any request that has not been responded to by the Customer in the 5 business days following an IOL response will be considered ‘resolved’, and subsequently closed, unless otherwise indicated by the IOL.
  • The IOL will make every effort to address deficiencies in the IOL INTACT® software and test packages that affect the operation of the software. This development and any updates provided are done on a best effort basis. No guarantees or expectations of timeliness of updates are given.
  • The IOL may not be able to provide a resolution for some requests, including but not limited to those that are identified to be related to user environment, network connectivity, or software not developed by the UNH-IOL.
These apply to all licensed users of the IOL INTACT® software