Ethernet Test Fixtures & Software

Montage of Ethernet testing tools

We have developed a series of custom testing tools as part of our dedication to performing the most comprehensive Ethernet testing in the industry. These tools allow for testing at lower layers than most commercially available tools and are available for use in your own testing labs. In addition, we have an extensive amount of T&M partner test tools which members of our Ethernet testing services also have access to.

Available Tools

Ethernet-APL Test Fixtures

  • For full test coverage, we recommend an appropriate Simulator Board (Spur/Trunk or Automated), an APL Data Test Board, and an APL Line-Tap Board.
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Ethernet-APL Test Software

  • APL-VIOLETT® software test modes allow users to perform tests related to the Ethernet-APL compliance test specification (CTS), including POWER and DATA tests for port types such as Spur and Trunk sources and loads. 
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  • MAC, Flow Control, PCS, and RS test platforms for 10/100/1000/10G BASE-T, 1000/10G SFP, 100BASE-T1.
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  • Physical Layer Electrical signal verification software for 100BASE-TX & 1000BASE-T. Used to control Test & Measurement instrumentation and analyze signals for conformance.
  • 10G and 25G Serial links (coming soon)
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