4G Testing Solutions

The 4G Testing Solution offers a complete suite of protocol-based compliance testing hardware and software running on Valid8’s M3 Core Network Emulator using IOL INTACT® software to test customer devices and equipment. The IOL INTACT software package in combination with Valid8’s M3 3G and 4G Core Network Emulators is designed to deliver a comprehensive testing platform that includes real-time results and reporting for higher layer protocol testing including IPv6.

M3 4G Network Emulator

The Valid8 4G Network Emulator provides an all-in-one, cost-effective and ultra-portable 4G network for testing purposes. There are options available to include a real eNodeB if you need to use real UEs or IoT devices with traffic generation, or our simulated eNodeB if you don’t need the RF interface. Subsystems can be switched on or off depending on how much of the network you need simulated.


  • Emulates some or all of core network, exposing all internal interfaces
  • Emulators available per subsystem (MME Emulator, PCRF Emulator, etc.)
  • OTA connection available for UEs and IoT devices
  • True stateful simulation
  • Signaling request/response messages for session handling, mobility management, authentication, QoS
  • Report on media received, connect time, jitter, packet loss
  • Generate valid and invalid/negative messages and call-scenarios (fully editable scenarios)
  • Supports sending invalid messages including malformed, dropped, and misordered packets
  • Check parameters in messages from UE and flag errors
  • 3GPP-compliant interfaces
  • Core network 5G ready

M3 4G Network Emulator The Valid8 4G Network Emulator with the integrated femto eNodeB

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