A²B® Audio Bus Testing Service

The UNH-IOL is the first test lab for A2B® conformance testing, a low-latency digital audio bus that transmits audio and control data together with clock and power over a single unshielded twisted pair cable. This capability reduces cable weight and system complexity while improving fuel efficiency. 

We offer conformance and interoperability testing for A2B Modules. A Module under test could be a prototype development board, a finished ECU for a target architecture, or the full configuration desired for validation by an OEM. These services were built through our partnership with Analog Devices to support the emerging ecosystem of A2B solutions.

Test Services Include:

  • Node-level Modules 
    • Conformance tests per the A2B requirements
  • Interoperability 
    • Tests against a reference testbed of solutions.
  • Networks 
    • Validation of a full system of interest to a customer (eg: an OEM)
  • Signal Integrity 
    • Analog PHY validation

OEMs and A2B solution providers are encouraged to work with us for neutral, confidential, third-party testing for validation of A2B solutions, whether in the early or final stages.

In addition, we offer several testing services for the automotive industry including Automotive Ethernet, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Automotive Networking, and Avnu Certification.

Automotive Audio Bus Overview

Membership Fees

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