PTP Violett® System Requirements


The Violett® Automation Framework Software is a lightweight desktop application and will run well on most systems. However, for the best experience, we recommend the following minimum system requirements. For a straightforward setup, the Client and Server may be installed and run on the same machine.

Hardware/System Requirements

Processor Any quad-core 64-bit AMD or Intel Processor
Memory 8GB (Minimum)
Available Storage 30GB (For captures, more is recommended if available)
Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04LTS

Resources Supported
Resources Planned
Members-only features Batch-mode command-line test execution, easing regression test integration, is currently limited to UNH-IOL 1588/PTP Test Service Members.
Additional notes
  • Unsupported NICs:
    • Any NIC supporting the Linux SO_TIMESTAMPING interface is expected to work, but cannot be officially supported by UNH-IOL  In Linux, any NIC that supports Ubuntu 18.04LTS with hardware timestamping for all packets should be acceptable
      • Use:   "ethtool -T <interface>" to confirm
  • Any common NIC that can pass VLAN tags to Wireshark may be acceptable for some tests, provided the device under test can accept software-timestamps.
  • RESTful interface for tool automation is available.
  • RESTful interface for DUT command and control coming soon.
  • Open Source REST API for DUT command and control available at 
  • Please contact us if you have additional questions about tool coverage and automation

Software Requirements

vIOLett® requires:


Cloud-based License Available

For internet-connected test stations, a cloud-based license may be requested for maximum flexibility.


Floating License Virtual Machine Server Available

We have made an Ubuntu 16.04LTS Virtual Machine available for users interested in quickly setting up a floating license server for any UNH-IOL licensed tools. Please let us know at the time you request your license if a floating license is desired.  Note: While the VM is our recommended path, if a VM is not desired, we can work with you to set up a floating license server in your environment.

VM Format Single OVA File (~1.2GB)
Processor 1 64-bit Core
Memory 1 GB
Storage 4 GB
Network Adapter Connected to Intarnet/Internet