Test Tools and Equipment

octoScope octoBox and Multi-Path Emulator (MPE)

Our Wireless Testing Services offer access to octoScope's octoBox and MPE testing equipment. This platform provides channel emulation and attenuation in an isolated testing environment for wireless devices up to four spatial streams, and provides the necessary conditions to attain consistent and repeatable testing results. In conjunction with traffic generation software, such as iPerf, it is used to perform Range vs. Throughput testing. octoScope's iGen interference generator is also available for additional performance testing scenarios.

For more information on the octoBox and MPE please visit their website here.

Wireless Isolation Chambers

Our Wireless testing is conducting in one of two walk-in wireless isolation chambers. At dimensions 8'x8'x16', these chambers allow us to eliminate outside radio frequency interference in the wireless medium of interest to testing.


​Through a collaboration with Wildpackets, our Wireless Testing Service offers access to Omnipeak. This powerful software is used to sniff all standards of 802.11 (a,b,g,n,ac) wireless traffic . It is used to gather packet captures of all testing performed and is critical in evaluating the interoperability and conformance of wireless devices and networks.

For more information regarding Omnipeak, please visit their website here.