octoScope Testing Equipment

We are excited to be partnered with octoScope for our Wireless Testing Services to provide the highest quality of testing to our members.


Keysight Technologies DCA-X 86100D

An octoBox is a small stackable anechoic chamber used for testing wireless devices and systems. It isolates the devices under test from the outside interference and creates a stable environment for achieving repeatable throughput measurements. Our octoScope testbed includes two 26” octoboxes, and one 38” octoBox with controllable turntable. It can also be configured for video over Wi-Fi testing, mesh testing (self-forming, self-healing functions of a mesh), high speed roaming and other wireless tests.



The Pal provides a broad range of important test functions, including throughput testing of access points and client devices, expert analysis, packet capture, traffic, and interference generation. The key value of the Pal is that in addition to having a real chipset with the latest full protocol implementation, it can also be configured as an expert test instrument, emulating virtual stations.

Multipath Emulator (MPE)

Patented Multipath Emulator (MPE)

The octoBox multipath emulator (MPE) module emulates indoor multipath in the RF domain keeping the signal path wide-band and bi-directional. The MPE also emulates multipath reflections to accurately model the house or office wireless channel environments according to the standards based models.



The octoBox quadAtten module contains 4 programmable RF attenuators. Each attenuator is completely isolated from outside interference and from its neighboring attenuators. Your can power and control the attenuators via a single copper line: either gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE) or USB.