Open Networking Test Services

We work with all stake holders in the Open Networking ecosystem, including optics and cable makers, white box switch companies, Network OS vendors, and Datacenter implementors. The IOL can prove out the interoperability of a given combination of products for a datacenter through a series of community created test plans. This allows the end user to focus on cost and performance of their data center, confident that the products tested at the lab will be interoperable. 


Test Services for Open Networking End Users:

  • Open Solutions Validation
    • Proof of concept testing and access to expert analysis and reporting specific to end user needs.
    • End users can place a reference platform at the lab or look for a platform from our massive test bed that matches their datacenter profile, and make that available for suppliers to test against.

Test Services for Open Networking Equipment Providers:

We Work With You.

With years of experience testing various data communications protocols and technologies, we can help with all your Open Networking test needs. If you have further test needs in Ethernet Technologies, Ethernet Switching Protocols, IPv6 and Routing Protocols we can help.


Michael Goding
Open Networking (OCP) Contact
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