Routing Testing Services

The Routing Testing Services is focused on offering testing services that reduce the time to market for our customers, and accelerate the interoperability of routing and SDN protocols. In order to maintain and strengthen services, we achieved ISO/IEC 17025 certification offering accredited USGv6 testing.

Test Services Include:

  • ONF OpenFlow Conformance Switch Certification
  • OIF Optical Control Plane UNI Certification
  • Q-SYS Network Switch Qualification
  • MLDv2 Router
  • Legacy IPv4 Routing Protocols

Routing is a collaborative test program that brings together industry leaders to foster quality, interoperable systems.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Full Member $20,000.00
Routing IOL INTACT Support Only $10,000.00
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Timothy Winters
Routing Contact

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