Ethernet Alliance PoE Certification

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Certification Program

As a neutral and authorized test lab for the Ethernet Alliance Certification program, our goal is to enhance the end-user experience by ensuring interoperability and conformance through rigorous testing. The certification process involves testing PoE-powered devices (PDs) and power sourcing equipment (PSEs) against IEEE 802.3 PoE specifications and Ethernet Alliance PoE test plans. This certification helps to identify the devices and equipment that have successfully passed the testing process.

EA PoE Certified products can be found on the Product Registry, companies have the option to use EA Certified logos. Members and non-members of Ethernet Alliance can get their products PoE certified.

Testing Options:

  • EA Certification for PDs (Gen1 and Gen2)
  • EA Certification for PSEs (Gen1 and Gen2)
  • 1st Party Auditing Membership for EA Certification

In addition to 3rd party testing, the UNH-IOL offers auditing services for Gen 1 program participants to conduct 1st party testing with approved equipment.

The IOL provides high-quality certification, extensive conformance, and interoperability testing for a wide range of IEEE 802.3 Power over Ethernet technologies. With seamless validation, we can help ensure your products are ready for the market.

Get PoE Certified

PoE Certification Vendor Process

Diagram showing the steps in the PoE certification process

PoE Certification at the Lab