Test Reports

When your products are tested at the UNH-IOL, you will receive a detailed report of the results. The UNH-IOL's attention to detail, thorough procedures, and dedication to accuracy have made the UNH-IOL's reports a trusted source of third party validation and product analysis.


Providing your customers with a UNH-IOL test report will reduce sales barriers and give them the confidence they need to take the final step in deciding to deploy your products in their networks.


UNH-IOL testing goes beyond "pass/fail" to give you detailed product analysis that will help you isolate and eliminate interoperability and conformance issues before your products go to market. Identifying these problems and providing your engineering team with a UNH-IOL report will help reduce your time to market.


With a UNH-IOL report, you can be certain of the accuracy of the results due to UNH-IOL's over 25 years of experience in testing data networking and storage technologies. All UNH-IOL reports are certified in digital format to ensure that your UNH-IOL report is genuine and uncompromised. Testing with UNH-IOL gives you the confidence and peace of mind you want and that your customers demand.