10BASE-T1S Single Pair Ethernet Test Plans

The test plans on this page may be downloaded and used for internal purposes only. The test plans may not be commercialized in any way without express permission of the UNH-IOL.

The 10BASE-T1S Single Pair Ethernet testing service currently offers the following test plans. These documents are constantly being updated to improve readability and to reflect the current specifications. Please contact us if you would like more information or have questions about the 10BASE-T1S Single Pair Ethernet testing service.

When testing based on the following test plans is performed, all reports generated will be digitally signed using an Adobe digital certificate. Upon reception of the report, the recipient can verify its authenticity using our document validation instructions.



Under Development
Testing Days Needed
2 weeks
Last Modified
This test suite deals with Reception issues such as CRC Errors, Framing Errors, Length Errors, Fragments, etc. as well as Transmission issues, proper spacing, proper preamble and SFD. For Half Duplex devices this also includes collisions, deference, etc. This suite of tests has been developed to help implementers evaluate the functioning of their Clause 4 Media Access Control (MAC) based products. Successful completion of all tests contained in this suite does not guarantee that the tested device will operate with other devices. However, combined with satisfactory operation in the IOL's interoperability test bed, these tests provide a reasonable level of confidence that the Device Under Test (DUT) will function well in most environments.


Fully Documented