USGv6 Testing Program

The UNH-IOL is the only North American laboratory offering ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing designed specifically for the USGv6 Test Program. The test program designated by NIST provides proof of compliance to IPv6 specifications outlined in current industry standards for common network products. It is meant as a strategic planning guide for USG (United States Government) IT acquisitions to help ensure the completeness, correctness, interoperability and security so as to protect USG investments in the technology. Please click on the USGv6 Tested Device List to view a complete product registry of devices.

USGv6 Tested Device List

The specific test procedures executed is dependent on the feature availability of the device under test. For a specific list of procedures that will be performed on your device, please contact the IPv6 Testing Manager.

USGv6 Testing Process


Completing an SDOC

In order to fulfill procurement requirements for USGv6, you will need to fill out a SDOC (Suppliers Declaration of Conformity) and submit this document including traceability of your USGv6 test results to a federal agency. The UNH-IOL will help guide you through these steps and will address any questions that may arise. For step by step instructions on how to fill out an SDOC, go to our YouTube page.