Storage Technologies

Storage Technologies

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From your palm to the cloud...

We engage with companies across the storage landscape, from flash memory chips used in mobile devices to massive cloud data centers. And here is how!

Certification and Integrators List Programs

  • We are the center for conformance and interoperability program for NVM Express. Our testing is the gateway to being listed on the NVMe Integrators List.

Test Software

  • Companies engaging directly with us take advantage of years of expertise in system, electrical and protocol debug in NVMe, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI industries.
  • We offer testing solutions in NVMe and iSCSI industries.

Test Events

  • NVMe plugfests hosted by the UNH-IOL are important opportunities for companies to be listed on the NVMe integrators list.
  • We have partnered extensively with the FIbre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) in coordinating Fibre Channel plugfests.