DSL Remote Testing Network Usage Agreement

Version: 1.1
Last Updated: Thursday, September 4, 2014

1. Purpose

The UNH-IOL DSL Remote Testing Usage Agreement governs the acceptable usage, policies and procedures of the DSL Remote Testing Network and services. Any member company of the DSL Testing Service, in good standing, may choose to utilize the remote testing services being offered. By using the remote testing services, the member company, organization, or individual agrees to the terms of this usage agreement.

2. Procedures

The following procedures define how the remote testing network may be used in conjunction with the UNH-IOL DSL staff and equipment. These policies and procedures act as an extension to the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement and the UNH-IOL DSL Testing Services Charter. All policies and procedures set forth by those documents and not expressly covered in the following sections shall be extended and applied to the remote testing network.

3. Physical Security

The UNH-IOL DSL Testing Service will maintain the physical security of the remote PC systems according to the same procedures used to maintain the physical security of the standard test bed, as defined in the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement. 

4. Network Connections Provided

The Remote Testing Network will provide the following limited connectivity to the PCs and equipment maintained within the UNH-IOL properties.

  • Network Connectivity - The UNH-IOL will connect the PC and/or equipment to a private network, which shall access the Internet via a NAT router and firewall.
  • Remote Access - The PC may run remote management software, such as Team Viewer or VNC, allowing a remote user to access the configuration.  The member company may select the specific remote access software to be used.  The member company shall be solely responsible for the license and cost of any requested remote access software.
  • DSL Connectivity - each remote PC system will be granted access to DSL port(s) of the equipment maintained as part of the standard UNH-IOL DSL test bed. The configuration of this DSL port may be changed by the UNH-IOL DSL staff upon the request of the member company, see Configuration of Equipment. Any DSL port required to perform regularly scheduled testing within the UNH-IOL DSL Testing Service, as defined by the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement and the UNH-IOL DSL Charter, will be removed from the Remote Testing Network for the duration required by the testing.
  • UNH-IOL Network Access - the remote PC system will NOT be granted any access to the UNH-IOL networks, included, and not limited too, all UNH-IOL servers and other network equipment.
  • Equipment Management Network(s) - the remote PC system shall NOT be granted any access to management networks or interfaces of equipment beyond the equipment provided directly by the member company.

5. Test Equipment Provided

The UNH-IOL DSL Testing Service will provide a limited amount of testing equipment for use by the member company participating in the remote testing network. This equipment includes, and is limited to, line simulators and cross-talk impairment generators. The equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis. In the event that two member companies request the same piece of test equipment, the equipment will be provided to the first company making the request for a period of one week. At the conclusion of that week, the equipment would be made available to the second company. Any equipment needed to perform regularly scheduled testing within the UNH-IOL DSL Testing Services, as defined within the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement and the UNH-IOL DSL Charter, will be removed from the remote testing network for the duration required by the testing. This may be summarized by the following condition: regularly scheduled testing shall always take priority over any and all remote testing, in the allocation of test equipment available within the UNH-IOL DSL Testing Services.

6. Configuration of Equipment

The UNH-IOL DSL staff will be available during the normal operating hours of the UNH-IOL (8am – 5pm EST, Monday – Friday) to provide configuration changes to the DSL and other equipment. This includes, and is not limited to, changes in the DSL port connected to the remote PC, the DSL configuration of the DSL port,
and the configuration of the test equipment, as per section Test Equipment Provided.The UNH-IOL DSL staff or any other UNH-IOL staff will NOT be available to make any configuration changes outside of the normal operating hours of the UNH-IOL - this includes, and is not limited to, any and all holidays observed by the University of New Hampshire.

7. Notifications

In the event that equipment being used for remote testing is required for regularly scheduled testing, and therefore will be removed from the Remote Testing network, the UNH-IOL DSL staff will make all possible efforts to notify the remote tester (via email) 24-hours in advance of the equipment removal. The UNH-IOL DSL Testing Service shall not be responsible for cases beyond our control, where 24-hour notice is not possible (see section Test Equipment Provided). In all cases of equipment removal from the Remote Testing network, the UNH-IOL DSL staff shall notify the remote tester via email.