Remote Testing

What is it?

The GPON remote testing service allows members to install and/or connect to PCs hosted in our laboratory. Members may then access these PCs remotely to operate their CPE, ONU/ONT, OLT, and test equipment, which we will connect to the GPON interface(s) of other devices in our test bed. This allows our members to take full advantage of our interoperability services for testing and debugging without the added cost of an engineer traveling to our facility.

Remote Testing Benefits

  • Access your PCs and equipment 24/7 from your own lab
  • Faster debugging, decreasing your time to market
  • Access to the entire GPON Testing Service test bed
  • Limited test & measurement equipment available on request

Any company purchase access to this service on a pay-per-test basis, but must agree to the terms set forth in our Remote Testing Network Usage Agreement.

Network & Device Security

  • All computers and equipment are connected to independent, private networks
  • Firewall isolates remote PCs from the Internet and other threats
  • Only the equipment owner will have network access to the PC(s) and/or their device(s)

Getting Started

To get started using the remote testing services, please Contact Us.