IOL INTACT® Protocol Testing Software

The same tool used for IPv6, IPsec, Routing, and CE Router testing is now available to use in your own labs. See the below list of available testing packages. Each test package contains a complete set of tests for use in the IOL INTACT® Software, which is included with any test package purchase.


Test Packages RFC Coverage 30-Day Trial Price Quote
IPv6 Core
(USGv6 , IPv6 Ready)
1981, 2460, 4443, 4861, 4862, 5095 Trial License Request a Quote
(USGv6, IPv6 Ready)
2404, 2410, 2451, 3566, 3602, 3686, 4301, 4303, 4305, 4306, 4307, 4312, 4443, 4718, 4868 Trial License Request a Quote
(USGv6, IPv6 Ready)
3315, 3646, 3736 Trial License Request a Quote
DHCPv4 2131, 2132 Trial License Request a Quote
CE Router
(IPv6 Ready)
7084 Trial License Request a Quote
BGP 2842, 4271, 2385, 3107, 2858, 793, 904, 1997, 2796, 3065, 2439 Trial License Request a Quote


Item Annual Fee Multi-year Fee**
1 License $6,000 $10,000

Support and Maintenance*

  • Training and debugging sessions (On-site may be requested at an additional cost)
    • Learn the latest release features

    • Installation and set up guidance

  • Assistance with device automation

  • Detailed result analysis and RFC Standards review

$10,000 $20,000

*Support is recommended with purchase of license(s). Multiple test packages and licenses are covered. Support is included in testing service memberships, please inquire for more details.

** Prices reflected are for 2 years. Additional multi-year licenses available. 

For more information contact Timothy Winters

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To meet the needs of its higher layer protocol based conformance testing, the UNH-IOL has developed a custom software test tool and API, named IOL INTACT® (Improving Networks Through Automated Conformance Testing). A modular and cross-platform API with built in packet generating, scheduling, triggering, and filtering capabilities offering fully automated protocol analysis and testing, the IOL INTACT® software is used in a number of our Testing Services including IPv6, Routing, and Home Networking. Although many test solutions on the market are well suited to specialized functions, the IOL INTACT® software offers a well-rounded packaged solution.

Designed for the Tester

The IOL INTACT® software has a modular design that allows for the simple addition or removal of defined protocol and modules types. Simply drop in a test module and you are ready to start pretesting your implementation. The modular design also goes one step further by automatically capturing and logging each test result. Designed for test cases to be run in batch automated style or running selected test cases to quickly resolve a potential issue.

Test from Anywhere

The client/server model provides the tester the ability to connect to the server with any standard TCP/IP connection, thus giving the tester the option to work from his or her desk and away from any noisy server closets. This TCP/IP connection affords an additional advantage in that a client may optionally connect to and control any number of servers allowing for diverse test network topologies.

Bringing Implementations to Market Faster

The IOL INTACT® software modules including the test scripts are the same tools used for testing at the UNH-IOL. Internally testing allows your company to resolve issues in advance of sending your products in for official testing. This will help implementations obtain reports faster and get them into your customer's hands.

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