IOL INTACT® Protocol Testing Software

To meet the needs of its higher layer protocol based conformance testing, we have developed a custom software test tool and API, named IOL INTACT® (Improving Networks Through Automated Conformance Testing). A modular and cross-platform API with built in packet generating, scheduling, triggering, and filtering capabilities offering fully automated protocol analysis and testing, the IOL INTACT software is used in a number of our Testing Services including IPv6, Routing, and Home Networking.

IOL INTACT® Packages

Test Packages RFC Coverage 30-Day Trial Price Quote
IPv6 Core
(USGv6, IPv6 Ready)
4191, 4291, 4443, 4861, 4862, 6980, 7217, 7608, 8106, 8200, 8201 Trial License Request a Quote
(USGv6, IPv6 Ready)
2404, 2410, 2451, 3566, 3602, 3686, 4301, 4305, 4312, 4443, 4868, 7296, 8221, 8247 Trial License Request a Quote
Network Protection Product

NIST 500-267Ar1

  Request a Quote
(USGv6, IPv6 Ready)
3315, 3646, 3736 Trial License Request a Quote
CE Router
(IPv6 Ready)
7084 Trial License Request a Quote
BGP 2842, 4271, 2385, 3107, 2858, 793, 904, 1997, 2796, 3065, 2439   Contact Us

Key Features


  • Includes Application, Packet Generator 
  • Flexible Licensing Models - Node-locked, Local License Manager, Cloud
  • Automated testing and results, packet traces, detailed test logging, progress tracking

Test Script Package

  • Rigorous testing according to industry-standard test procedures and RFCs, ability to fully automate DUTs with most packages

Access to IOL INTACT® Support Center

  • Access to knowledge base articles as well as filing, tracking, and sharing requests

Personalized Support 

  • Initial setup and configuration, result review, online conferencing and interactive debugging

Package Updates

  • Access to the latest package releases




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