Training Services

One of the major products of the UNH-IOL is our knowledge and expertise. Besides teaching our students about new and emerging technologies, we are frequently called upon to provide educational training to the industry. These formal training sessions fall in several categories:

On-Site Technology Training

We also provide technology training at a company's primary residence. The technology training can be a detailed understanding of the technology under study from a standards perspective, or it can be as high-level as how the technology works and what benefits are available. The detailed program of technology training is developed jointly between the UNH-IOL and your company. In most cases, travel and stipends for UNH personnel performing off-site programs will be required and can be detailed once program requirements are reasonably secured.

Training for Members

Members can use a week of a scheduled reservation to embark upon in-laboratory training, rather than in-laboratory testing. This training time can be used to learn how to carry out interoperability testing, to understand the technology and operation of a new standard that is emerging in the field, or to provide engineers throughout the member company the opportunity to see typical problems of the technology and solve them in one place. The exercises and curriculum are developed jointly with the member company and the staff and students.

To inquire about educational training, please contact us.