Wi-Fi Testing Services

Our wireless testing services are available for both consumer and enterprise grade 802.11 Stations and Access Points, including support for MIMO devices with up to 4 spatial streams. Testing focuses on performance and quality of experience for the 802.11 Wi-Fi technologies with our OCTOBOX test bed. We also offer TR-398 testing, a set of performance metrics for Wi-Fi in different scenarios, and focuses on Wi-Fi performance expectations of broadband service providers. Devices meeting the mandatory requirements of the TR-398 performance test plan are eligible for inclusion on the BBF.398 Grade Wi-Fi Products list.

Wireless Testing Services Include: 

  • TR-398i2 Performance Testing
  • Roaming Test Cases
  • Mesh AP Testing
  • Range vs Throughput
  • AP/station Load Testing
  • Interoperability
  • MAC Conformance

Future of Wi-Fi Testing Webinar

Discover the future of Wi-Fi testing with our latest webinar, 'Wi-Fi Testing and the User Experience, Reliability, and Connectivity.' Get exclusive updates on the BBF TR-398 Carrier Grade Wi-Fi List, the latest on TR-398i3, and how you can benefit from Wi-Fi performance testing. Click here to download.


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