WiFi Testing Services

Our wireless testing services work in conjunction with member companies to provide a neutral test environment and industry accepted test methodologies for the purpose of promoting and fostering performance and interoperability of wireless devices. Testing services are available for both consumer and enterprise grade 802.11 Stations and Access Points, including support for MIMO devices with up to 4 spatial streams.

Testing focuses on performance and quality of experience for the 802.11 WiFi technologies and are run in our state of the art lab, with our octoScope based test bed. Features include rate vs range performance testing, roaming test cases, mesh AP testing and AP/station load testing. Our WiFi testing will ensure your products meet service provider and industry requirements, assurance of your product's overall performance speed, and quality of experience testing before going to market.

Wireless Testing Services Include: 

  • Range vs Throughput
  • Quality of Experience Testing
  • Interoperability
  • MAC Conformance

Check out our webinar on the details of our new and expanded WiFi testing and measurement capabilities. Robust testing and measurement is key to the continuous improvement of broadband services, and WiFi performance has become critical to that equation. 

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Full Member $21,000
WiFi router
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