Broadband Forum TR-398i2 Testing Webinar

Please join Lincoln Lavoie, UNH-IOL, and Mike Talbert, Verizon, as they review the upcoming release of Broadband Forum’s TR-398 Issue 2 testing, the latest release in wireless performance testing. TR-398i2 encompasses a set of performance metrics in different scenarios and focuses on Wi-Fi router performance to help benefit broadband gateway vendors and service providers by lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction.

This webinar covers:

  • A recap of Wi-Fi pain points in broadband deployments
  • A review of the TR-398 Issue 2 test coverage
  • Deep dive of how the UNH-IOL implements repeatable TR-398 Issue 2 testing
  • A sneak peak of the first results coming out of TR-398 Issue 2 testing
Test Service: 
Wi-Fi Testing Services
Lincoln Lavoie, UNH-IOL and Mike Talbert, Verizon