iSCSI Testing Services

The iSCSI Testing Services is funded by member companies who share a common goal of fostering interoperability within iSCSI products and increasing the market feasibility of iSCSI technology. Our iSCSI testing offers several benefits to members related to RFC 3720, RFC 5046, RFC 5048, and RFC 7143. 

Remote Testing

We offer remote testing of iSCSI Targets. This allows our members to take full advantage of our Target Login and Full Feature Phase conformance test suites in between normal testing reservations. This service is available in addition to requested testing and vendor-attended testing solutions located at our facility.


We also have a two-day training seminar for entry-level iSCSI implementers, starting with basic definitions and general  operation, and finishing with a brief description of related protocols. Training sessions include hands-on activities with existing implementations, allowing participants to observe typical request/response exchanges, stage transitions, error handling, the use of various flags, and the effects of operational parameter negotiation. ​


We have also implemented both an iSCSI Initiator and Target giving us a unique perspective as an organization that not only develops and performs standards based testing on iSCSI products, but also gains insight into your perspective as implementers of the standard.

iSCSI is a collaborative test program that brings together industry leaders to foster quality, interoperable systems.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
Full Member $20,000.00
Kerry Munson
iSCSI Contact

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