Avnu Certification Testing Services

Working in concert with the interests of the Avnu Certification Working Group (CWG), the Avnu testing staff have developed test suites which can be utilized by Avnu Members for conformance and interoperability test purposes.

Our Avnu ​certification services test the standards regarding Time Sensitive Networks (formerly referred to as AVB - Audio/Video Bridging). This testing group focuses on providing validation and certification for Avnu alliance member products.

We provide test plans and services for the following standards:

  • 802.1AS
  • 802.1Q (MRP, MVRP, MSRP, FQTSS)
  • 802.1BA
  • 1722
  • 1722.1

Membership also shows vendor's determination to be conformant to the IEEE standards and interoperable with other vendors' equipment.

In addition to supporting the current efforts to assist in Avnu certification testing, we have extensive knowledge and technical expertise in the areas of IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Michael Goding
Avnu Certification Contact

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