DSL Testing Services

We are the leading test laboratory for DSL technologies, including ADSL, ADSL2/2plus, and VDSL2 and we also cooperate with Telebyte on the G.vector Laboratory.

We offer a wide range of exhaustive test suites designed to verify cross-vendor interoperability, rate/reach performance, and conformance to standards for your DSL and DSL related products, including:

  • DSLAMs
  • DSL Modems & Home gateways
  • DSL chipsets
  • Hand-held testers and test tools
  • Splitters

Test services include:

  • Broadband Forum TR-067: ADSL Performance Testing
  • Broadband Forum TR-100: ADSL2/2plus Performance Testing
  • Broadband Forum TR-114: VDSL2 Performance Testing
  • Broadband Forum TR-273: xDSL Bonding
  • Broadband Forum TR-115: VDSL2 Functionality Testing
  • Custom Rate vs. Reach Testing based on specific Service Provider profiles
  • Calix Compatible Partner Testing

Like all UNH-IOL testing services, the DSL testing is a collaborative test program that brings together industry leaders in DSL and DSL related technologies to foster quality, interoperable DSL systems.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Annual Fee
DSL Membership $22,000

This testing service is available at a discount as part of the following bundle(s):

Bundle Description Amount Savings
DSL & G.fast Joint Membership Includes membership in both the G.fast and DSL Testing Services. $36,000 $8,000

Please view our Pay Per Test options as well.

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