Career Placement

Career Support and Opportunities

The UNH-IOL is keenly aware of the unique advantage we provide to students; real-world experience. Rather than let this be a stand alone advantage, we foster and supplement it with additional supports and opportunities such as career advisory events throughout the year.

Summer Internships

The UNH-IOL helps students entering their senior year engage in summer internships with companies like:

  • Pega Systems, Software Engineering Intern
  • Autodesk, Software Engineering Intern
  • Calix, Automation and Test Engineering Intern
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance, IT Generalist Intern

Job Placement

Upon graduation, student employees have been rewarded with opportunities like:

  • DEKA, Software Engineer
  • Radianse, Embedded System Design Engineer
  • EMC, Supplier Process Engineer
  • Texas Instruments, Technical Sales
  • HP Networks, Software Quality Engineer
  • Meltwater, Software Engineer
  • Bradford Networks, Software Engineer
  • Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Hardware Engineer

Future Employers - Why Hire a UNH-IOL Student?

There are over 100 graduate and undergraduate student employees who work at UNH-IOL. These students gain hands-on experience with developing technologies and products. During their tenure at the lab they are continuously educated for future employment in cutting-edge technologies. The management team at UNH-IOL actively works to instill our values in our students to help build successful careers. Our students are held accountable for their actions and are dedicated to our customers and our goal as managers is to enable the next generation of technology and engineers. 

Here at the lab we know that ideas fuel the development of new technologies. Our employees generate ideas which are based on their participation in every facet of the technology cycle day in and day out. We provide the means, our employees do the rest. Our belief is that every employee has the ability to effect change within our organization and the global industries we serve. Through open communication, everyone has the keys they need to open new doors for themselves and the organization while pursuing the projects that excite them. Our student employees are tomorrow's pioneers.

The active role we take in providing feedback to industry organizations has allowed us to lead interoperability and conformance efforts since the beginning of our time here. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and establishing an organization where learning is rewarded. We believe in challenging ourselves by asking, "What did I learn today?" and maintaining an environment that is structured to create leaders.

Join our Career Fair and Access our Student Resumes

Each January UNH-IOL hosts a Career Fair specifically for companies that are interested in our college graduates and prospective summer interns. In addition we also have an online Resume Binder of our recent graduates, if your company would like to participate in the career fair please Contact Us.