Student Resumés

Welcome to the UNH-IOL Resume Binder! For those of you who are unfamiliar with hiring an IOL'er, the students who work here attain specific technical abilities based on the technologies they work with over the course of their tenure with us. Outside of this great experience what really sets them aside are the additional skills they attain -- tremendous interpersonal and communications skills along with the ability to effectively troubleshoot and solve complex problems.

The lab is structured such that the students go through extensive training in their first six months of employment, but then are given "the keys to the car". They have goals established every six months and are essentially required to meet those goals with limited management involvement. This methodology enables them to be independent while working within a team environment.


Students Seeking Full-Time Employment

John Moss, BS in Business Administration, International Business & Economics (Expected May 2024)

Conner Merrill, BS Cybersecurity (Expected January 2025)

Ella Bliven, BS Cybersecurity (Expected June 2026)

Casey Gladu, BS Computer Science (Expected May 2024)

Cody McBride, BS Computer Science (Expected May 2024)

Daniel Bocash, BS Computer Science (Expected May 2025)

Hasan Polat, BS Computer Science (Expected May 2024)

Jeremy Spewock, BS Computer Science (Expected May 2024)

Sam Muldrow, BS Computer Science (Expected May 2024)

Samuel Heinze, BA Computer Science (Expected May 2025)

Will Morong, BS Computer Science (Expected May 2024)

Abdul Hannan, BS Electrical Engineering (Expected May 2024)

Ayeden Rios, BS Electrical Engineering (Expected May 2025)

Chris Sullivan, BS Information Technology (Expected May 2024)

Theo DiMambro, BS Information Technology (Expected May 2024)


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