Gfast Test Plans

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The Gfast testing service currently offers the following test plans. These documents are constantly being updated to improve readability and to reflect the current specifications. Please contact us if you would like more information or have questions about the Gfast testing service.

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Broadband Forum


Fully Documented (Active)
Issue 1
Testing Days Needed
2 days
Last Modified
IR-337 provides a set of functional, stability, and basic performance test cases and related pass/fail requirements for Gfast implementations according to ITU-T Recommendations G.9700 and G.9701. Test cases include requirements for vectoring, where applicable. The primary goal of IR-337 is to provide a set of test cases and framework to verify interoperability between an FTU-O (e.g., a DPU or a DP-side Reference Design) and one or more FTU-Rs (e.g. CPEs or CP-side Reference Designs). The test cases are defined for a Device Under Test (DUT – either a DPU or CPE), tested against a Link Partner (either a CPE or DPU respectively). The DPU/CPE may be a reference design, however containing the necessary FTU-O/R and system functionality to execute this test plan (see e.g., section 4.2). Issue 1 of IR-337 serves as the test plan, including pass/fail requirements for each test case, for the Broadband Forum Gfast Certification Program. Additional documentation is available from the Broadband Forum about the Gfast Certification Program, including program benefits, participation requirements, number and type of equipment to be tested against, and logo usage guidelines. For additional details about the Broadband Forum’s certification programs, please refer to: Gfast Interoperability and Certification Testing.
Note, the test time refers to the duration of testing for one combination of CPE and DPU.


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