Tours and Workshops

Discover the World of Technology at UNH-IOL

Explore the exciting job opportunities at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) to unlock endless possibilities for your future. Our summer internship, HighTech Bound, is a paid opportunity for rising high school seniors. Our program provides an excellent opportunity for ambitious students to gain hands-on experience in network technologies in a real-world environment. 

During our tours and info sessions, you will learn about the internship program and year-round undergraduate job opportunities working at the lab as a test technician. You will be professionally trained to set up, test, and debug tech devices not available in the market yet, talk with industry professionals, and gain practical experience while pursuing your degree. 

To learn more about UNH-IOL, visit our events page for upcoming workshops, camps, or info sessions. Contact Mara Johnson to set up a private tour or larger groups.

Programming Workshops and UNH Tech Camps

We organize programming workshops every spring to assist high school students in learning more about programming with the dedicated help of UNH-IOL undergraduates. For current events, including workshops and tours, visit our events page.

You can keep up to date on our high school STEM programs by subscribing to our Young Engineers Newsletter. Also, UNH conducts several Tech Camps during the summer, including one at the lab. Visit the UNH Tech Camp website to see the programs they have lined up.