Meet the Interns 2024

We are thrilled to welcome 8 talented and enthusiastic rising high school seniors to this year's HighTech Bound internship program! These students have shown a passion for technology and dedication to learning multiple programming languages, website development, and game design. We can't wait to see what these interns accomplish during the next 6 weeks!



Anirudh is the attendee of an early college entrance program in Texas. He has hit the ground running by completing three university-level CS classes and gaining experience in eight unique languages which include Python, Java, C, C++, ML framework (Sklearn), PyTorch, Tensorflow and Matlab. Anirudh has leveraged his pursuit of knowledge to become president of his AI club and tackle societal issues with the help of his entrepreneurial capabilities. Anirudh has founded two separate companies. The first being KidneyChain: a block-chain based platform focused on kidney transportation and transplantation and the second being FuturaSustain: a pursuit that leverages AI to tackle ecological deterioration. Apart from his technical-humanitarian work, Anirudh plays soccer, tennis and explores health policy as a leader of Youth in Policy. We are excited to see how your work here can help you reach those who you wish to help. Welcome to the team, Ani!



Charlie is a part of the National honors society, French honors society, executive council, and the theater club, where they starred in 1 play and 2 musical productions. They also have a deep passion for technology, having discovered Scratch in 4th grade and never stopped exploring the technological world since. Nowadays, Charlie enjoys researching and experimenting with different Linux distributions, as well as creating their own website during their free time. While their school doesn’t offer many courses relating to programming and engineering, Charlie has found other avenues to explore these fields. They participated in the Advanced Studies Program in Concord, where they took a month-long engineering course, and taught themself how to write in HTML, CSS, and the Ren’py python language. Outside of school and technology, Charlie also loves to make art. They enjoy painting with acrylic, sketching in pen, and illustrating on their computer.



Connor found his drive for computing in early elementary school when he was introduced to Since then Connor has expanded his knowledge, gaining experience is CAD for game design and cyber security purposes. His experience lies in HTML/CSS and python but has dabbled in languages such C++, C# and Java. He received an Outstanding Student award for his commitment to his Computer Information Systems class and was elected to be the ambassador for the program.





James Johsnon has recently completed a two year long computer science program at his local technical institute and is an active member in his school’s robotics team. Being proficient in languages such as C#, C++ and Java, James enjoys programming various projects to explore his interests in space and meteorology. In addition to being an astral pioneer, James enjoys more down-to-earth activities such as reading, cooking and travel. We are excited to see where your pursuits will bring you! Welcome to the team, James.




Lin has taken many advanced courses during his high school career, completing a total of 5 AP courses, and has taken numerous college-level mathematics, computer science, and physical science courses at both the University of New Hampshire and Stanford University. He has thorough programming knowledge in Java, C++, and Python. He is the captain of his school's FIRST FRC team. Lin is an extremely passionate leader and heads his class's student body government for the past three years. In Lin's spare time, he enjoys rejuvenating himself through intermittent napping periods and binge-watching Netflix series. Lin wishes to pursue his deep-rooted passion for computer science with a focuses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



Maggie aims to create better solutions for disabled individuals. She has completed two university-level CS classes and has experience in Python, Javascript, Java, C++ and HTML/CSS. Being an advocate for inclusivity, as well a part of FTC Robotics, she has fostered relationships with her school’s Multiple Disabilities Program. Her goal? Program and design machines that serve a variety of purposes, including designing gym equipment that can be used in Adaptive P.E. settings. In addition to her altruistic endeavors, Maggie enjoys dance, cooking, mock trial and orchestra. We are excited to see how we can help share in your mission. Welcome to the team, Maggie!



Srikar has driven herself towards STEM after taking courses in the field and joining her FTC Robotics team. Srikar has her own altruistic fervor and has contributed to several research teams that study societal injustice against minorities in the realms of social media and healthcare. Her own interest in engineering and computers has led her to pursue independent projects and discover opportunities within technology. Outside of her ambitions, Srikar enjoys trivia, biking and basketball. We look forward to seeing where your time here takes you! Welcome to the team, Srikar!




Trisha shares a huge passion for technology and engineering. Her aspirations lie in electrical and computer engineering and a possible minor in CS. She is a participant in the First Robotics Competition and leads outreach efforts to various minorities in STEM. Additionally she has been responsible for mentoring new robotics students and completing challenging extracurricular coursework. Apart from her academic strides, Trisha enjoys cooking and henna. We are looking forward to your amazing impact. Welcome to the team, Trisha!