Final Thoughts About My Summer at the UNH-IOL

Throughout this six week internship, I have learned a lot in such little time while at the IOL and I have enjoyed every moment. Some of my favorite times were rebuilding a computer, learning new code, as well as working with the other IP interns Tim, Grayson, Jasiah, and the rest of the IP team. In addition, the site visits were an eye-opening experience and very informative for my understanding of Computer Science.

Collaborating with Industry to Create Secure IoT Solutions

Recently I had the opportunity to work on a Secure Internet of Things (IoT) demo with two collaborating companies, GlobalSign, a WebTrust-certified certificate authority and Infineon, a semiconductor manufacturer.  The demo comprised of a Raspberry Pi single board computer, an Infineon Iridium TPM Board, and an LED light strip which was controlled through a secure website with certificates and provisioning through GlobalSign.

My Time as a High School Summer Intern at the IOL

Nearing the final week of my internship I can say that I am amazed by the quality of my experience at the IOL. Not only have I been able to visit a number of companies ranging from larger corporations like Liberty Mutual and Verizon to smaller startups like QA Café, but I was able to use the knowledge learned in high school and put it to use in a real world application. On top of putting my skills to use, I have also learned many new skills.

High School Internship: Then and Now

High School Internship: Then and Now with Patrick MacArthur, a 2007 High School Intern

Recently I had the opportunity to interview an outstanding UNH student and UNH-IOL employee, Patrick MacArthur, to learn about how he started out as a High School Intern and where his journey has taken him over the years. I hope you enjoy reading about his experience as much as I did writing about it!

Girls Who Code Club and My Experience

The Girls Who Code Club from Seacoast School of Technology, which is an afterschool program for girls of all ages (between the ages of 6 and 14) that focuses on their interest in learning more about programming and development, visited the UNH IOL on April 6, 2016 for their evening after school activity. This was their first field trip as a club and it was an unprecedented experience.

Taking High School and College by Storm

Jeremy Plsek, a sophomore Computer Science major at the University of New Hampshire, and a current UNH-IOL employee, started his career at the lab as a summer intern after his junior year of high school. Jeremy began working in the Digital Living Consortium (DLC), where he was immediately exposed to real world technology. He started by creating the server for his group’s project and gaining industry experience right off the bat. Aside from his group project, Jeremy also spent his time as an intern performing web development work.

The UNH-IOL: A Transformative Journey from High School to College

Joel Nkounkou, a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) working towards his computer engineering degree, is also a three year veteran at the UNH-IOL. He began his time at the lab in 2013 when he was accepted into the UNH-IOL High School Summer Internship Program. His engineering teacher at Dover High School told him about the program and his family encouraged him to apply. Initially, Joel worked in the Home Networking Consortium (HNC) alongside industry professionals, gaining real-world experience before he even reached his senior year of high school.

The Oyster River Internship Program – Intro to Hardware

Choosing a career path before college can be a scary process. The UNH-IOL partners with Oyster River High School to hold an internship program for students to receive school credit. This program helps high school students explore the wide scope of technical fields before committing to a major. Along with providing students with guidance towards their preferred academic field, the program allows the students to put their foot in the door and gain valuable experience before diving into academia.

Women in Technology Group Hosts First Event

The UNH-IOL’s Women in Technology (WIT) group was pleased to hold their first event here at the UNH-IOL on Wednesday, August 27th. WIT is a recently formed group at the lab that I have the pleasure of serving as a co-chair along with Marion Dillon, Home Networking Manager, Home Networking Technologies. The event, titled “Women in Industry”, featured four women panelist, all of whom work in tech related industry jobs. Before I get too far, here is a little background about the WIT group at the lab. WIT was formed to represent and provide support for women who work in the tech field (including the ladies at our own lab). We hope to to attract females to STEM degrees as well as the lab. We want the lab to be an open place where everyone feels welcome and supported.