Developments in 802.3 SPE and SPoE Projects

  • Definitions for both Data and Power Transmission
  • Expansion of PoE testing: PoDL and SPoE
  • Updates from the IEEE 3.1 Interim Meeting

Outlook for MultiGBase-T1 and 10BASE-T1S Testing

  • PMA and Channel Testing
  • Cariad Collaboration and PCS/PHYC Test Plans
  • Test for MultiGBASE-T1 SPE
  • OPEN Alliance updates for MultiGBase-T1 in TC15

Open PHASE for White Rabbit

  • Enable a broad, open-source, high-accuracy timing community
  • Access to hardware, continuous integration of developer resources and services in a neutral environment¬†

Learn the latest developments in IEEE 802.1 for TSN and SPE

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