10BASE-T1L SPE Testing Services

The UNH-IOL is taking the lead on providing testing solutions for silicon vendors and leading organizations in industrial automation in an environment where standard’s based interoperable Ethernet is of growing importance to end users. Our testing helps customers ensure their products work seamlessly with other products in the marketplace Members can request specific equipment when scheduling testing.

Testing Services Include:

  • 10BASE-T1L PMA
  • 10BASE-T1L PCS
  • 10BASE-T1L PHY Control
  • Clause 98 Auto-negotiation

Development Services Include:

  • 10BASE-T1L Interoperability testing and test bed

All of our memberships include debugging and re-testing as well as testing for more than one device. Memberships in new areas include development support for new services with member input and direction. Memberships are billed as a one-time fee that includes 12 months of testing.


Michael Goding
10BASE-T1L SPE Contact

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