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Becoming a member of a UNH-IOL Testing Service involves the following 3 steps:

  1. Membership Form: Each applicant must submit an online membership form that begins with reading and accepting the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement.
  2. Payment: After receiving the applicant's membership form and purchase order or payment, the applicant can schedule the lab for testing.
  3. Provision of a Platform: All Testing Service members agree to provide a platform representing their equipment at the UNH-IOL for at least 18 months (as specified in the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement). The requirement to leave a platform at the UNH-IOL allows the users of the laboratory to perform interoperability testing with current equipment throughout the year without having to make special legal arrangements with other companies involved in the technology. There will be an additional charge if you would like us to provide a platform on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss this option.

Membership Form

The membership form will ask for the following information:

  1. Acceptance of UNH-IOL Usage Agreement: Application to any UNH-IOL Testing Service implies a full knowledge and willingness to abide by the UNH-IOL Usage Agreement, which governs the structure and usage of the UNH-IOL.
  2. Number of memberships desired
  3. Acceptance of Testing Service Charter(s): Applicants must be familiar with the contents of the Charter for each of the Testing Services they join. Application for a Testing Service membership implies a full knowledge and willingness to abide by that service's Charter, which governs the structure and usage of that service.
  4. Applicant company information
  5. Applicant contact information: The UNH-IOL requires a technical and administrative contact from each company to be listed.

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