10BASE-T Testing Services

The 10BASE-T Testing Service is a one-time product test in which a company is not required to leave a product at the lab after the testing has been completed. We offer three test plans that can be performed on a 10BASE-T product.

Testing Services Include:

  • 802.3 MAC Conformance 
  • 10BASE-T test plan for an embedded MAU: elements of the IEEE test that can be done on an embedded MAU plus some UNH-IOL extensions
  • 10BASE-Te Physical Layer Conformance 

We Work With You.

We will also design and develop additional tests if the areas covered by the existing test suites do not meet the needs of a given corporation. This contracted service varies with the need of the member, but it typically includes development or research for improving the interoperability of 10BASE-T network devices. Details are worked out on an individual basis.

Membership Fees

No annual membership options exist for this test service. Please view our Pay Per Test Fees instead.

Matt Simon
10BASE-T Testing Contact