10BASE-T Testing Services

The 10BASE-T Testing Service is a one-time product test in which a company is not required to leave a product at the lab after the testing has been completed. We offer three test plans that can be performed on a 10BASE-T product.

Testing Services Include:

  • 802.3 MAC Conformance 
  • 10BASE-T test plan for an embedded MAU: elements of the IEEE test that can be done on an embedded MAU plus some UNH-IOL extensions
  • 10BASE-Te Physical Layer Conformance 

We Work With You.

We will also design and develop additional tests if the areas covered by the existing test suites do not meet the needs of a given corporation. This contracted service varies with the need of the member, but it typically includes development or research for improving the interoperability of 10BASE-T network devices. Details are worked out on an individual basis.

Michael Goding
10BASE-T Testing Contact