intelligent vehicle cockpit and wireless communication network concept

Expanding testing capabilities for the automotive industry

The UNH-IOL is taking the lead on providing testing solutions for silicon vendors and Tier 1 automotive suppliers in an environment where connectivity is of growing importance to end users. Our testing helps customers ensure their products work seamlessly with other products in the marketplace.

A2B® Audio Bus

We offer conformance and interoperability testing for A2B modules. A2B is a low-latency digital audio bus that transmits audio and control data together with clock and power over a single unshielded twisted pair cable. Learn more on the A2B page.​​​​​

Automotive Ethernet

Automotive Ethernet is a joint effort of the Automotive and Networking industries to modernize, simplify, and expand the capabilities of vehicles by improving data communications inside vehicles. We offer both conformance and interoperability testing for your automotive ethernet devices including automotive development platforms, switches/car master boxes, sensors and infotainment systems.

Testing Services Include:

Automotive Networking

We provide test services for the Automotive Ethernet network protocols drawing on decades of our Ethernet networking experience. Capabilities and test cases developed in this effort are available to certifying bodies, such as the Avnu Alliance, the Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) certification body.  Learn more on the automotive networking page.

Avnu Certification

Our Avnu ​certification services test the standards regarding Time Sensitive Networks (formerly referred to as AVB - Audio/Video Bridging). This testing group focuses on providing validation and certification for Avnu Alliance member products. Learn more on the Avnu certification page.

Automotive Test Tools


BitPhyer is a family of hardware platforms used to test the IEEE 802.3™ MAC, Flow Control, PCS and RS layers for Ethernet devices. We offer two tools for automotive: BitPhyer STA and supports various speeds and duplexes over several port types from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s. These tools are available and will help decrease costs and testing time by implementing a common set of test cases for easy compliance comparison and more. Learn more on our BitPhyer page.

vIOLett® for Avnu 

vIOLett for Avnu Automotive testing enables our customers to be better prepared for certification. You are able to run the software in your own labs and is the same software our technicians use to test your product for Avnu certification. Learn more on the time sensitive tools page.