NVMe Analyzers and Exercizers

These are some of the specialized test tools the UNH-IOL uses to test NVMe devices for conformance and interoperability. IOL INTERACT™ is the software we've developed to run test scripts and it is available outside the lab to our members.

Teledyne-LeCroy Summit PCIe Analyzer

Photo of a Summit PCIe Analyzer

The Summit Protocol Analyzer product line captures, decodes and displays PCIe 3.0 protocol traffic at data rates for x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 lane widths. Teledyne LeCroy’s PETracer™ Software Suite supports an extensive library of protocol decodes for virtually all PCIe applications. These decodes enable all Teledyne LeCroy analyzers to display data traffic with meaningful and easy-to-understand displays at multiple levels in the protocol stack, and all protocol decode libraries are included as standard features of every Teledyne LeCroy PCIe Express protocol analyzer. Key features for PCIe Solid-state Device (SSD) developers include libraries of decodes specifically designed for SSD protocols, such as NVM Express, SCSI Express and SATA Express.

Teledyne-LeCroy Summit PCIe Exerciser

Photo of a Summit Z3-16

The Summit Z3-16 is a critical test and verification tool intended to assist engineers in developing and improving the reliability of their systems. The Summit Z3-16 can emulate PCI Express root complexes or device endpoints, allowing new designs to be tested against corner case issues. The Summit Z3-16 can be programmed to run a variety of storage test scripts including the IOL INTERACT™ Teledyne-LeCroy EDITION Software from the UNH-IOL.

Agilent Technologies, U4301A PCIe/NVMe Analyzer

Agilent U4301A PCIe protocol analyzer

The U4301A PCIe protocol analyzer now provides advanced decoding and analysis of NVMe traffic with the release of the Transaction decoder with NVMe and PCIe transaction analysis. While advanced throughput and response time analysis is enabled with the Performance analysis package. Transactional analysis goes beyond simple decoding with a new transactional viewer that allows the user to quickly select transactional queues and performance information from the NVMe transaction overview pane of the analyzer. This organizes the transactions by direction or by queue with simple one-click control to follow the data flow across the interface. Individual PRP (Physical Region Page) list displays contain all of the key information of the NVMe queues allowing users to quickly review and validate the data flows over the PCIe connections.

Agilent Technologies, U4305A PCIe/NVMe Exerciser

Agilent U4305A PCIe exerciser

The Agilent U4305A PCIe exerciser is a multifunction tester that provides advanced traffic generation and NVMe emulation. The NVMe emulator features test scripts based on the NVMe Conformance Test Suite 1.1. The Exerciser allows users to test devices and create custom test scripts allowing hardware and software developers to simulate a host root complex.

SerialTek BusXpert PRO and Micro PCIe analyzers


The SerialTek BusXpert PRO and Micro PCIe analyzers are designed and optimized for engineers that are developing storage products and solutions using PCI Express and NVMe technologies. Supporting data rates up to 8.0 GT/s and bus widths up to x8, the PRO and Micro offer accurate capture, analysis and insight of PCIe and NVMe traffic. They feature easy-to-use triggering, multiple display/decode views, pre-/post-filtering, textual search and sequence search. All analyzer functions and trace processing can be controlled from an API, which allows programmers to write custom analysis tools. A variety of slot, M.2 and SFF-8639 interposers and adapters are available for use with the BusXpert analyzers.