Test Sentinel

Test Sentinel is a full suite of automated DSL, Gfast, and Wireless tools that allow a user to easily perform experiments and run standardized testing. This is the same set of tools used in our DSL, Gfast, and Wireless Testing Services to perform a wide variety of requests including Broadband Forum standardized tests and the Broadband Forum Gfast Certification.

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Automation of:

  • Broadband Forum ID-337: "Gfast Certification Testing"
  • Broadband Forum TR-114: "VDSL2 Performance Testing"
  • Broadband Forum TR-100: "ADSL2/2plus Performance Testing"
  • Broadband Forum TR-067: "ADSL Performance Testing"
  • Broadband Forum TR-249: "Vectoring Performance Testing"
  • Broadband Forum TR-380 "G.fast Performance Testing"
  • Broadband Forum TR-398 "Wireless Performance Testing"
  • Customized Rate vs Reach testing
  • Fully Custom Test Scripting

Easy Configuration and Control of test & measurement equipment:

  • Traffic Generators
  • Wireline Simulators (WLS)
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG)
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Wireless Test Gear

Results Database:

  • Centralized results database
  • Built-in result viewer
  • Fully customizable result views
  • Test report generation

About Test Sentinel

Test Sentinel has been used at the lab for over 5 years. We have designed it specifically for its ease of use and quick setup. It not only contains many standard test suites, but also powerful tools to control equipment and perform hand testing. The engine of our DSL/Gfast/Wireless testing operations is now available for use in your own labs.

Test Packages
Feature Lite Professional
BBF Gfast Certification Testing (ID-337)
BBF VDSL2 Performance Testing (TR-114)
BBF Gfast Performance Testing Single Line (TR-380) coming soon
BBF ADSL & ADSL2/2plus Performance Testing (TR-067/TR-100)  
Custom DSL Rate vs Reach Performance Tests  
Custom Gfast Rate vs Reach Performance Tests  
BBF VDSL2 Vectoring Performance (TR-249)  
Full Custom Test Scripting  
All packages include basic operational support (installation and configuration). Advanced debugging and failure analysis is provided through the UNH-IOL DSL & Gfast Test Service Memberships or a direct Test Creator Support Membership.
Support Options for Test Sentinel

Basic Support (included with Lite & Professional License) 

  • Assistance with initial deployment of Test Sentinel and updates
  • Test Sentinel training and basic usage for running included pre-packaged tests
  • Assistance with setup and integration of test equipment on the list of supported equipment
  • Assistance with configuration and control of equipment, including test equipment and other devices controlled by Test Sentinel (i.e. DSLAMs, DPUs, etc.)
  • Access to all released updates during license period

Test Creator Support

  • Assistance with customer created test scripts using the Test Creator (only in the Professional version)
  • Assistance debugging logic and "code" of customer created test scripts
  • Request custom extensions to Test Creator actions
  • Review and analysis of test results (Failure analysis)
  • Review and assistance with device drivers for non-officially supported equipment 
The test creator support contract is available as a 12 month annual contract

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Custom Test Scripting

Though the use of the Advanced Version's Test Creator, an end user can script and test their own custom tests from our convenient drag and drop interface. This powerful tool allows your team to implement and create any custom tests they require. 

Designed to Save Time

As an engineer time is everything. If it's meeting deadlines or just trying to debug an issue, time is an important factor. Test Sentinel is designed to be simple to use and configure, allowing you to test and retest with minimal configuration and effort.

All in One Automation

Test Sentinel contains a litany of tools to help a tester debug and recreate issues as well as meet testing requirements. You can track and keep records of testing progress as well as save your configurations for later use, all from our comprehensive system.

Easy to Understand Results

Our built-in result viewer allows you to easily view and display data from all of your testing. Easily view past tests and see how a device has progressed over time.

Overview Video

Learn more about our Test Sentinel software in the overview video below.

DSL and Gfast Test Software Overview


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System Requirements

  • Test Sentinel Application
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, or newer
    • 4096MB RAM
    • .Net Version 4.8 or newer
    • 1 GB Disk Space (for test log storage)
    • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1280x1024
    • ​National Instruments GPIB hardware required for some test and measurement gear

Supported Equipment


  • ADTRAN hix5625
  • ADTRAN Total Access 1248V
  • ADTRAN Total Access 3000
  • ADTRAN Total Access 5000
  • Calix B Series
  • Calix C7 Series
  • Calix E Series
  • Ericsson EDN Series
  • Huawei SmartAX UA5000
  • Huawei SmartAX MA5603
  • Nokia ISAM 7300 Series
  • Nokia ASAM 7300 Series
  • Tellabs 1000 series


  • ADTRAN 508G
  • ADTRAN 516G
  • Calix E5-16F
  • Huawei MA5811S
  • Nokia SX-16F
  • Nokia SX_8F
  • Nokia DX-16F
  • NetComm Wireless NDD-4110

​​Traffic Generators

  • Digital Lightwave EAHD
  • Spirent TestCenter (version 4.75)
  • XENA Layer 2-3 Test Platform

Noise Generator

  • Spirent DLS-5500 Noise Generator
  • Telebyte 4901 Noise Generator
  • Telebyte 4902 Noise Generator
  • Sparnex ANG2240 Noise Generator

Line Simulator

  • Spirent DLS-410A ADSL2/2plus North American Loops
  • Spirent DLS-414E ADSL2/2plus European Loops
  • Spirent DLS08130 VDSL2 North American Loops
  • Telebyte 458-LM-A1-30-TR114
  • Telebyte 458-LM-A1-30-AWGN2
  • Telebyte 458-LM-E2-36
  • ​Telebyte 458-LM-E1-30-TP100
  • Telebyte 458-LM-E1-30-04+
  • Telebyte 800 series G.fast Line Simulators
  • Sparnex LSX2200 G.fast Line Simulator

Multipair Crosstalk Systems

  • Telebyte CFA-24
  • Telebyte VxT-48DC+
  • Telebyte 4902 Noise Generator

Wireless Testing Gear

  • octoScope Pal 245
  • octoScope Pal-24
  • octoScope Pal-5
  • octoScope Pal-6
  • octoScope Turntable
  • octoScope QuadAtten

Switch Matrix

  • Telebyte 600 series switches