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NVMe® Technologies

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Solutions for NVMe® SSDs and NVMe-oF™

We have been a leader and expert in NVMe Testing Services for several years providing conformance and interoperability testing. In addition, we also host NVMe Plugfests where storage vendors from around the world come together to test against NVMe standards to qualify them for the NVMe Integrator's List. The NVMe Integrator's List currently consists of configurations that have proven to be interoperable and conformant to NVMe standards.


The NVMe testing service offers conformance and interoperability testing across various OS, drivers, and hardware platforms as well as PCIe SSD and PCIe Servers. Testing here helps products qualify for the NVMe and NVMe-MI Integrators List.


The NVMe over Fibre Channel testing services provide services for FC/NVMe interoperability, and conformance testing. NVMe-oF testing helps products qualify for the NVMe-oF Integrators List.


Testing in 802.1 Ethernet Switching Protocols can help prove implementations are viable. Member services include NVMe Fabrics / RoCe test services to help products qualify for the NVMe-oF Integrators List.


NVMe over TCP (NVMe/TCP) test services extends NVMe across the entire data center and utilizes simple and efficient TCP/IP fabric to provide high performance. Member services include NVMe/TCP testing to help products qualify for the NVMe TCP Integrators List.


Licenses available for the IOL INTERACT™ software, which expedites and automates the in-house testing of NVMe SSDs and NVMe-oF products. It is used to test products for inclusion on the NVMe Integrators List. IOL INTERACT software  is available for the following product types:

  • NVMe SSDs
  • NVMe/FC
  • NVMe/RoCE
  • NVMe/TCP